Audit & assurance services

As Registered Auditors providing external audit services, our role is to assist you and provide expert advice whilst helping you meet your audit obligations.

Our team, which is headed by four Audit Partners, provide expert advice and can offer you a greater insight into the way your business functions,  and where improvements can be made to help your business grow and prosper.

Statutory audit services

Our statutory audit and assurance services are provided to different types of organisations who are subject to statutory audit, in line with government guidance or who are governed by the regulations of various professional bodies. We provide audit services to larger corporates, and also specialise in audit for charities and the not for profit sector.

Voluntary audit services

Our voluntary audit service provides the benefit of an independent expert review of your company’s financial statements. If you are a business owner, this is particularly useful if your business is run by a management team, if you are considering selling your business or are looking for investment.

How our audit approach can benefit you

We put you at the centre of our audit approach:

  • We agree the scope of the audit in advance, so that we can pay attention not just to the statutory aspects of the audit, but also to the processes important to your business
  • We provide a clear audit plan, so you know what we’ll need from you and when
  • We minimise disruption by resolving as many queries as possible during the audit fieldwork
  • We provide a transparent review of your financial processes, highlighting what is being done well and recommending where improvements can be made

Our responsive approach is aligned to your needs and designed to help you identify and mitigate the key challenges and risks in your business, navigate the ever changing regulatory landscape, and keep your business on track.

Our audit service is here for all your audit and assurance needs

If you have an audit requirement or query please contact one of our Audit Partners noted below or complete our online contact form.

I highly recommend them

“We have just completed our first audit working with both Thomson Cooper Accounts and Audit teams. The whole process was very smooth – the transfer of information was streamlined, communication was transparent and teams were both helpful and professional. I highly recommend their services.”

 Gael Drummond

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