Winter Body Good to Go?

Oct 11, 2017 | TC blog

When it’s cold, wet and miserable out there keeping fit seems a lot less fun than chocolates & good film on telly.

You don’t have to pay for a gym membership to keep fit through the winter months, there are cheap and fun ways to keep the winter body at bay.

Stairway to heaven?

Running or walking up and down stairs at home or at work is good for cardio and legs. You can push yourself by climbing two stairs at a time, sprinting up or doing jumping jacks between floors.

Ice Ice Baby

Ice skating is a great aerobic and social workout, and doesn’t cost the earth. Fife Ice Arena offers public sessions

You don’t have to be a Torvill or a Dean to make this a great workout. Skating backwards works your muscles in different ways, and picking up the pace gets your heart pumping.

Are you a team player?

Join a local 5-a-side team, or any other winter team sports. Find out about facilities in Fife at

Shopping is a sport!

Next time you’re in a shopping centre, use it to do laps. The average person can burn 300 to 400 calories during a brisk one-hour walk. Climb the stairs rather than using the lift or escalators.

Behind closed doors

A workout DVD or a YouTube aerobic routine can work even in a small space. Add in weights, resistance bands, skipping rope, etc and it can be a full body workout.

Dance like nobody’s watching (seriously, check nobody’s there…)

Turn up the volume on your favourite songs and let yourself go! Dancing to a few of your favourites and some you haven’t heard in years can easily add up to a 20 minute workout.

Couch potato, moi?

Watch telly while you jog or skip on the spot. You can add in squats or push ups during the ads.

Take part in the TC Autumn Challenge

If you work at Thomson Cooper, you can take part in our Autumn Pedometer Challenge!

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