Tom’s Journey to a Training Position with Thomson Cooper

Sep 25, 2018 | TC blog


Trainee accountant Tom Russell talks about the benefits he gained from his summer internship with Thomson Cooper, and his subsequent journey to becoming a trainee accountant here.

At the end of the third year of my Accountancy and Finance degree course, I started as a summer intern at Thomson Cooper. This was a great opportunity to gain some experience in the field I hoped to build my career in. However, the amount of exposure and responsibility I was given during my internship was very unexpected. I gained more insight to the kind of work undertaken in practice than I could ever have expected.

From the outset I was made to feel welcome at Thomson Cooper and made to feel like a valuable part of the team, in which everyone from the staff to the partners are always happy to help.

The valuable experience I gained as a summer intern continued to build as I was kept on part-time as I returned to university for my fourth year. This had a hugely positive impact, as learning first hand from a team of experts complimented my studies at university massively. This proved to be especially helpful when writing my dissertation, as the staff and partners were always happy to share their expertise. 

Upon completion of my degree I was offered the role of Trainee Accountant. I was more than happy to accept the role, having enjoyed my time at Thomson Cooper since joining last summer. Not only am I continuing to develop my skills and learn each day, but I am also preparing to begin my ACCA studies and have been given all the support needed in preparing to undertake this next stage of studying.


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