The Scammers are Evolving!

Apr 4, 2016 | TC blog

We’re all used to receiving the occasional email from HMRC offering an unexpected tax refund, or an overseas lawyer telling us Great Uncle Oswald has left us millions, and delete these with a rueful smile.

Unfortunately, like the ‘flu virus, the scammers are evolving. Using a combination of social media such as LinkedIn and even direct calls to the company, the fraudsters are now targeting finance staff with very plausible emails asking for an urgent payment to be made, quoting bank transfer details and IBAN numbers. The email will apear to have been sent from a senior executive and will contain enough information to appear genuine.

These emails are targeted and well-constructed and often banks will not refund any monies paid out. 

Ways to protect yourself include:

  • Verify any payments with the individual concerned. Send a separate email rather than hitting “reply”
  • Check the sender’s email address
  • Double-check any payment to any company not on your existing suppliers’ list
  • Make sure staff are careful not to give out details of executives or finance staff over the phone

If you have any concerns, please call our IT Manager Dave Senior on 01383 628800.

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