The End of Summer

Aug 21, 2014 | TC blog

The sunscreen and espadrilles are back in the cupboard and you’ve looked out the business suit. You’re feeling tanned, rested and raring to get back to work!

How long will it take for those hundreds of emails lurking in your inbox to destroy the holiday mood entirely – especially as 90% of them are either spam or relate to things that happened while you were away?

In an effort to avoid that back-to-work chore, some people take their smart phones with them on holiday and access their emails to make sure that there is no backlog when they get back. It has to be said that as a strategy to improve work/life balance this leaves a lot to be desired! The lines between work and home life are becoming ever more blurred.

German firm Daimler, following research into how to improve that balance, have introduced a radical out-of-office message:

“I am on vacation. I cannot read your email. Your email is being deleted. Please contact my colleague if it’s really important, or resend the email after I’m back in the office.”


Do you think this approach is workable, or is it more likely to annoy your customers and clients?

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