Sage Users – You are welcome!

Aug 28, 2014 | TC blog

Sometimes we take things for granted.  Sometimes all it takes is hearing someone else’s perspective to make us realize that. It happened the other day. A lovely lady called up to ask about Sage software training. She mentioned that she had heard good things about our Sage User Group but felt a bit awkward about coming along as her firm don’t use Thomson Cooper as their accountants. That got us thinking. Are there other people out there feeling the same way? So, just to be clear…

1. When we say it’s free…it’s free! There’s no charge, no hard sell, no obligation. We won’t hound you to sign up for training, we won’t bombard you with marketing messages. That’s simply not our style.

2. The user group has been running for several years now and many of the ‘regulars’ aren’t clients. Non-clients are made very welcome regardless of their level of Sage experience or job title.

3. Our aim is to learn. To make your job a bit easier, quicker…dare we say it…a bit more fun! It’s all well and good knowing the bare bones of a programme to complete certain tasks, but we aim to uncover the extra bits of functionality that transform the way you work, increase your skills and boost your confidence.

Our door is open. Come along and see for yourself. We really are a friendly bunch!

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