One Direction? Not at all!

Jan 16, 2014 | TC blog

With the UCAS applications deadline for the vast majority of undergraduate courses passed yesterday, young people are facing big decisions about their futures.  If they decide university and further education isn’t for them, what are their options?

For those wanting to learn a trade from the ground up, an apprenticeship may be an avenue worth exploring. Apprenticeships in Scotland is Scotland’s national vacancy handling service for youth opportunities. This social enterprise project is run by young people with the help of the Scottish careers community. Their aims are to create youth opportunities, stimulate the demand for Apprenticeships and bring employers and young people together in ways that work. Opportunities are listed by region and sector. Skills Development Scotland is another valuable hub for trainees and employers alike. There are also many industry specific websites if they already have something particular in mind.

Young people shouldn’t rule out starting their own business and becoming self-employed either. Business Gateway offer lots of free advice and support, from making a business plan to marketing their services. There might even be access to funding via 

Having the right mind set, a decent work ethic and determination are the tools of every trade. If you’ve got these, success will be a whole lot easier to achieve.

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