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HR Support Services

HR Support Services

Human Resources - Help with recruiting quality employees

We have an excellent understanding of how our clients' businesses operate. As we work closely together, it's in our best interests that they employ quality staff. We want their business to succeed and appreciate that recruiting, retaining and motivating competent employees is vital to the performance and profitability of any business.

However, we know that the sheer quantity of administrative work involved in effective recruitment can divert valuable resources away from core business functions. We also understand that in certain circumstances, some positions may be sensitive. In these situations, we can submit your vacancy under our company name, on a 'behalf of a client' basis.

We offer a range of services to help you manage your recruitment more effectively by assisting with:

  • Creative copywriting and design to optimise the impact of your vacancy
  • Multi-media campaign planning and booking
  • Responses directed to Thomson Cooper where we will screen the applicants
  • Use of our state-of-the-art boardroom to host interviews

Contact Alan Mitchell on 01383 628800 or email amitchell@thomsoncooper.com to arrange a free initial consultation.

Alan J. Mitchell

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