Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Accountant?

Sep 11, 2014 | TC blog

What careers do parents hope for their children? In a recent study by Virgin Media, the top ten careers parents wanted their children to follow were:

Doctor (49%)

Engineer (45%)

Lawyer (43%)

Tech Entrepreneur (38%)

App Developer (35%)

Vet (32%)

Emergency Services (21%)

Banker (18%)

Professional Sportsperson (16%)

Musician / Artist (16%)

Why aren’t accountants on that list, when bankers come in at number 8!

I’ve asked some of our accountants and trainee accountants what made them choose accountancy as their profession, and what gives them a buzz at work. There are a few words and phrases that keep coming up:

“I’m good at figures and I’m interested in numbers”.

“There are great career opportunities”.

“I get a buzz from knowing I make a difference to our clients’ businesses”.

“The great work environment”.

“I’ve learned so much about different types of industries and businesses”.

“I’m never bored. Each day brings such a diversity of work”.

I suppose the study underlines that accountants are seldom flashy, but they’re generally a contented lot who tend to be pretty satisfied with their chosen profession. Who could as for more?

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