The ‘Insider’ Threat

Jun 2, 2016 | TC blog

The biggest threat to your IT may actually come from within, so it’s time to think about security measures.

Although we’re often hearing about the threat of cyber crime and the risk posed by external hackers, we sometimes neglect the danger that can lie within. If you have to let a member of staff go, for instance, are you certain they no longer have access to your systems and data? Deliberate damage by the internal user base cannot be discounted.

Multiple log-ins

We’re living in a climate in which more and more business is conducted in the cloud. This means that people will not only have their username and password they use internally, but have at least another log-in as well. Multiple sets of credentials rather than one.
If you choose to make use of Office 365, it can be connected to Active Directory Federation Services, which allows you to have full control of user security. A security token is passed to the ADFS server and when it’s confirmed, it’s passed back to Office 365. There’s one log-in for users and if someone’s account needs to be made inactive, it can happen instantly.

Cloud systems aren’t just related to ID management. They can also help with disaster recovery. Once an encrypted link has been established from an office site to a data centre, virtual machines can take over.

Workplace security

In the future, workplace ID security is likely to become even more impressive and mirror the kind of environments created for online banking and e-commerce. Two-factor authentication means you must have an additional form of ID. Perhaps a code sent by email or direct to your smartphone. In due course, photo recognition may become the norm. 

For the moment, it’s worth giving thought to just how secure your systems are. And then taking whatever steps you can to ensure that you guard against internal risk, as well as external attack.


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