TC’s Playlist for 2015

Jan 25, 2015 | TC blog, TC news

I’m Going To Live Forever

If not, make sure the right people inherit by writing a will. If you’ve already got one, it’s worth checking if it should be updated.

Money’s Too Tight To Mention

Sometimes we all need to fall back on savings. As we approach the end of the tax year, are you making the most of the £15,000 allowance available with a New Individual Savings Account (NISA)?

When I’m Sixty-Four

With major pension changes looming, it’s worth reviewing your pension provision whatever age you are.

The Taxman’s Taken All My Dough

Check your code! HMRC estimates that up to four million employees may have overpaid tax, so make sure you’re taking full advantage of all your allowances such as capital gains tax allowances, pension contributions and NISAs. Not sure how to do this? Money saving expert has a Tax Code Calculator

We Are Family

Make sure your life policiies offer the right level of cover to suit your family circumstances. It may also be worth thinking about inheritance tax planning (IHT).

Money Talks

If you don’t already hold your savings and investments on a platform, speak to your financial adviser for details on how a platform works. Essentially, a platform is an online service that keeps all your financial information together in a virtual filing cabinet.

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