Sponsoring the Fife Chamber e-newsletter

Jan 8, 2020 | TC news


Hello and welcome to our first live link from the Fife Chamber of Commerce 2020 e-newsletter. We think this is a great platform to reach like-minded people who want to be kept up to date with business-related changes, improve their knowledge and develop their networks. We are delighted to be sponsors and hope you find the information that we will be sharing with you to be useful.


Firstly, we’ve got big news… our popular Budget Seminar is back on Friday 13th March 2020!

Due to unprecedented political turmoil, there wasn’t a UK Budget in 2019. However, with a significant Conservative majority, Chancellor Sajid Javid’s first budget could be an interesting affair. Click here for full details and to reserve your space.


We’ve been members of Fife Chamber for a long time, expanding steadily over the years and developing our range of services to meet the demands of business in the digital age.  One of our key priorities is understanding what matters to each client. Building relationships is crucial to our business, as well as investing in our talented team so they can deliver a first-class service.


Technology is helping us deliver huge benefits to clients and many of our clients are cloud converts! Cloud accounting platforms reduce costs (no costly software upgrades) and provide better flexibility (you can sign in from any computer). They can help save time by streamlining processes and aid decision-making by providing access to real-time information. There are also a growing number of apps that can be integrated with cloud software to automate processes like managing expenses. No need to worry if technology isn’t your strong point as our Business Support team can analyse your business and recommend solutions to improve your business systems and performance. They can manage the software procurement and implementation tailored to your business, with training available to cover all abilities (with a plain English policy…we don’t like jargon either!).  There are many ways we can save you time and money with things like outsourcing payroll and family tax planning. Get in touch with one of our experts now as your first consultation is free.


We work with a variety of sectors and deliver a diverse range of services across our three locations in Dunfermline, Glenrothes and Edinburgh. Our Business Development Programme was created so we could share knowledge with local business communities. It features events, workshops and training. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and get access to some great business guides on our website and via our social media accounts.  Just connect with us for first dibs on event spaces and downloads. Remember to book your space on our Budget events and to click on our logo in the next e-newsletter for our next article.  

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