Powerful Performance at Autumn Seminar

Sep 26, 2016 | TC news

Many thanks to all of the guests who attended our Autumn Seminars in Edinburgh and Dunfermline on Friday 23rd September 2016. This was the first year we had run the events on the same morning and our fantastic speaker, Chris Hughes, made light work of what was a serious challenge.

Chris was no stranger to the Fife crowd having delivered his ‘Maximising Business Potential’ presentation to them in 2011. This time he shared ‘Optimising People Performance’ that focussed on motivation, confidence and maintaining momentum.

Managing Partner David Walker was delighted by the response, “Guests have been very vocal in telling me how much they’ve enjoyed today. People have left feeling inspired, with useful advice on how to improve their performance.”

Chris has recommended these books for anyone interested in learning more about optimising performance.




Feedback has been tremendous. Here are some of the comments we received. If you are feeling inspired, email Carol today and she’ll add you to our Business Development Programme guest list.

“A most enjoyable talk by Chris Hughes. If you could bottle his spirit, enthusiasm and zest for life everyone would buy it.”

L Laird, Redmayne-Bentley LLP

“Chris was very motivational and entertaining. Good to have something so useful but different.”

C Thornhill-kirk, Handelsbanken


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