Need funding? Don’t take this for granted.

Feb 6, 2014 | TC blog

Looking for funding to help your business grow? Check to see if you could benefit from a Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) grant through Scottish Enterprise.  RSA is a grant scheme available to potential inward investors and companies to support the creation or safeguarding of jobs. Since 2007, funding from the RSA grant scheme in Fife alone has totalled £38.5 million spread amongst 67 Fife companies, creating 2,652 jobs and safeguarding 1,340. It’s discretionary and depends on the size of the business, location and the degree of support required. Only businesses within the delegated ‘Assisted Areas’ can apply.

250+ employees? – beware of changes!

The European Union is reviewing ‘State-Aid’ rules and it may be possible that companies with 250 employees or more may no longer be eligible for RSA funding. The current programme closes in July 2014 with the last submission under the current programme 28th February 2014 so you’ll need to hurry. Call our RSA claim specialist Partner Andrew Croxford on 01383 628800 for more details or email 

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