Economic and Financial Considerations for Bidders

Jul 15, 2021 | TC news

Andrew Morrison of AM Bid interviews Carrie Campbell about what it takes to become financially fit for bidding and what to consider when deciding your price. 

This recording provides insight into the financial information that procurement teams value when evaluating a proposal.

At around 30 minutes, we appreciate you might not have time to watch it all.  To help make it easy to find the sections that can help you the most with developing a strong bid, we’ve listed the link, questions and times below – 

Click here to access the video.

1. What characterises a well run business from a financial perspective? 2.36

2. What are the benefits to a business of bringing in external help with bookkeeping, payroll, management accounts and statutory accounts? 4.00

3. What steps can you take to ensure key performance indicators are not pointing in the wrong direction? 7.12

4. If your indicators are not as good as they should be, what other evidence can bidders offer to clients about economic stability? 8.34

5. What should be taken into account when considering a tender price for a 4 year contract? 10.07

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