Charities & Insolvency – a brief guide

Our Insolvency Partner Richard Gardiner recently had the pleasure of delivering a talk to the staff of the Big Lottery Fund about insolvency.  It is a position that many charities and trustees are faced with and the majority of them will not be knowledgeable about the options and the consequences.

His presentation covered –

·         the general background of insolvency

·         the role of the insolvency practitioner

·         the reasons why charities get into difficulty

·         the issues that charities and trustees face

·         the potential consequences if it all goes wrong

·         and finally how he can help charities to deal with any insolvency issues

Click here to access Richard’s presentation. If you want a chat about any of the areas outlined in it, call him on 01383 628800. The first consultation is free and without obligation. If you want to join our FREE Charity Advice Network which features ezines and events, please email Carol at and she’ll add you to our guest list.

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