Calories, Corns & Capers

Jun 25, 2019 | TC news

Thomson Cooper 70th Birthday Cake & Team Spitfire in St. Andrews

Thomson Cooper Summer Outing 

Friday 21st June 2019

Steps taken: 766,800

Sore feet: 144

Laughs had: 100s & 100s

Calories consumed: ALOT

Alcohol units: This data seems to be unavailable…

Our Thomson Cooper summer outing took us to the windy beachside of St. Andrews. 72 staff members from both our Dunfermline and Edinburgh offices were regimented into 1940s war time themed teams, as we celebrated the firm’s 70th birthday. Each team completed a treasure hunt around St. Andrews with multiple teams getting into the spirit and dressing up in 1940’s style outfits. The treasure hunt racked up our step count before we retired to Forgan’s Restaurant for a delicious and well-deserved meal. The day was then rounded off nicely with our Managing Partner, David Walker, being presented with a beautiful 70th birthday cake to congratulate the firm on their 70 years of success.

A huge thank you to our committee whom organised such a fun day.

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