A Positive Work Experience

May 10, 2019 | TC blog

It’s always great to welcome a student to Thomson Cooper. We prepare for these visits carefully and our staff go out of their way to make sure a student gets a positive work experience.

We’re delighted that Catriona has taken time to explain what her experience here was like.

I was very excited to join Thomson Cooper for a week-long work experience during my final year of high school, and they did not disappoint. The team at Thomson Cooper instantly welcomed me and made me feel comfortable enough to ask questions and input ideas.

It was great spending time in a continually growing firm, full of different teams which I got to be a part of. Being able to work in different departments of the firm was very useful as I assumed multiple responsibilities which have benefited my knowledge and confidence greatly.

I’m really grateful to all the staff at Thomson Cooper who gave up their time to help provide training for me. Everyone I worked with had something new planned for me to try out, keeping the experience both entertaining and diverse for me. All of the friendly staff have helped improve my confidence greatly and have encouraged me to pursue a degree in accountancy, which I cannot thank them enough for.

I was given access to tools and software that was completely new to me, this exposure has already benefited on my S6 school work and I am excited to use my knowledge from this work experience at university this year. Spending time in the positive, hard-working environment at Thomson Cooper was an invaluable experience for me which I would love to repeat.

Catriona Mitchell

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