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Headaches and Heartaches - Avoid Inheritance Pitfalls

Busy getting your house in order for winter? This time of year can be hectic and we're all guilty of letting things slip once in a while. But now is the perfect time to be pragmatic and prioritise some estate planning, especially with Christmas on the horizon when your thoughts turn to family.

It doesn't matter how young or old you are, everyone has a little something squirrelled away. And although you've got years left on this mortal coil, it pays to be prepared. What's the point of slaving away just to have your next egg annihilated by the tax man following your demise? A bit of savvy planning beforehand could save your family thousands and reduce the stress of bereavement.

Click here to access our guide on safeguarding your estate. It covers wills, unmarried couples, exemptions, reliefs, transfers and much more.