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Word of mouth and personal recommendations have fuelled the growth of our company. We believe this is a result of the real effort we put into meeting our clients' expectations. Read some of the comments made by our clients and guests and judge for yourself.  

" Really liked the webinar approach as it saves time out of the day and allowed us to see the screen clearly and still interact via polls "

Delegate, 2021 UK Budget webinar

" The full coverage and the concise manner in which the changes or otherwise were conveyed. Both speakers where very good.  "

Delegate, 2021 UK Budget webinar

" Clarity of the key changes in the budget - helps me understand the impact they could have for business "

Delegate, 2021 UK Budget webinar

"As always very informative and puts the real impacts of announcements into perspective.  "

Delegate, 2021 Scottish Budget webinar

"Excellent commentary and detail provided on a unique time following pandemic and Brexit "

Delegate, 2021 Scottish Budget webinar

"Very clear presentation with expert opinion provided "

Delegate, 2021 Scottish Budget webinar

"Highly entertaining presentation, which was at the same time informative and thought provoking. Definitely put a smile on my face.  "

Iain Young, Morton Fraser LLP - Gavin Oattes Seminar 2019

"Thomson Cooper continue to excel in the quality of speaker they bring to Dunfermline for a must attend event in the networking calendar. "

Colin Brown, Burness Paul - Gavin Oattes Seminar 2019

"Speaker was brilliant and great opportunity to network. "

Sally Cameron, Seescape - Gavin Oattes Seminar 2019

"Great seminar, excellent delivery & content. Very beneficial for all the team. "

Renee Hamilton, Douglas Chapman MP - Super Teams seminar

"Humorous, informative and to the point. Best CPD in this area yet. "

Ally Smith, Fife College - Super Teams seminar

"Excellent seminar both in terms of content and delivery. 'Team' topic of high relevance & interest. Will definately attend more events. "

Jackie White, Hardie Caldwell - Super Teams seminar

"Hearing good speeches, giving food for thought on ways to improve our organisation and a very useful page of Top 10 Tips.  "

Sheila Carnduff, Fife Dunfermline Print Workshop - Charity Seminar

"A fresh aspect on both diversity and trustee responsibilities. "

Peter Martin, Abbeyfield Kirkcaldy Society - Charity Seminar

"Thank you for your great work to help over the years. "

Personal Debt Client

"Thanks to the Thomson Cooper team for their advice and support in relation to our successful VAT inspection. "

Derek Fett, Aerial Media Scotland

"Thomson Cooper have been our accountants and tax advisors for over 30 years. As one of our key professional advisors, they provide valuable financial insight into our business strategy and decision-making, as well as making sure that we are tax compliant and are aware of changes in legislation and tax planning opportunities as they arise.   "

Alastair Wallace, Thomas & Adamson

"We view Thomson Cooper as valuable partners for our business.  They've undertaken our audit work for several years now, they sort out our payroll and have advised us on VAT issues.  We’ve found them responsive, helpful and a great team to work with. I’d have no hesitation in recommending them.  "

Polly Purvis, ScotlandIS

"We appointed Thomson Cooper as auditor in 2016 and there was a smooth and easy transition from our previous auditor. We receive a professional and well delivered service. "

Andrew Chrystal, Chrystal Petroleum Co Ltd

"Professional, clear, precise information as always with a joke or two thrown in - excellent. "

Lorraine Laird, Redmayne-Bentley LLP - Budget Seminar

"Well delivered with an element of humour - which always helps! "

Ken Richards, Sign Plus Ltd - Budget Seminar

"I was impressed with the level of detail and delivery is great. "

Irene Kinroy, Investors in People Scotland - Budget Seminar

"Great summary of the Budget and learned things that impact me and my business that I wouldn't otherwise have picked up. "

Gavin Docherty, Ogilvie Ross - Budget Seminar

"Helps me to educate my team and therefore inform our clients better. "

Ian Collins, Bank of Scotland - Budget Seminar

"Their audit has been quick, their technical expertise good and they have been pro-active in ensuring compliance with recent legislative changes.  Additionally, the team have been pleasant and did everything they said they would do in terms of holding meetings and producing documents. "

YouthLink, Scotland

"Thomson Cooper have been our auditors since 2004 and we have always been impressed with their knowledge and guidance in our statutory obligations. The longevity of our relationships is a testimony to their diligence and pragmatic approach. I highly recommend them.   "

Alan Wilson, The Furnishing Service

"A very professional firm, who understand our business and deliver a first class service. "

Ian Fraser, Group Managing Director, First Scottish Group Limited

"Thomson Cooper have been our auditors and tax advisors since 2003 and have always provided a professional and reliable service. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any other company looking to appoint auditors. "

Colin Hodge, Director, Rybka Limited

"Our company has benefitted from this most professional and reliable set of accountants. We have always found them most efficient, helpful and very easy to talk to and communicate with about any issues concerning us. It's always good to have a friendly person to deal with. "

Andy and Liz Whatmore, West Netherton Engineering Limited

"This was yet another added extra from Thomson Cooper which was relevant, enjoyable and applicable across all sectors. Chris was truly motivational! "

Ken Richards, Sign Plus Ltd - Autumn Seminar

"A most enjoyable talk by Chris Hughes. If you could bottle his spirit. enthusiasm and zest for life, everyone would buy it. "

Lorraine Laird, Redmayne-Bentley LLP - Autumn Seminar

"Chris provided some great insights in an energetic, enthusiastic style.  "

Paul Sykes, Fife Chamber of Commerce - Autumn Seminar

"Excellent event. An excellent speaker who kept the audience fully engaged. "

Garry Horne, Royal Bank of Scotland - Autumn Seminar

"Hi Alan, This is just a big thank you from all at John Young Signs for the service that you have provided us. We have been delighted with the quality of service and professionalism that we have received over the last 7 years within the growth of our business. The back up is there when we need it, and knowing that we have peace of mind within our accounts is such a weight off our shoulders. From a simple question to our full end of year accounts, we can't fault the service and are happy to promote your service to any of my clients in the future. Here's to many more years working together. "

John Young, John Young Signs

"If you look at Tax Investigation Protection and say ‘it can’t happen to me’, have a rethink!  I set up my business in 1985, never employed more than 5 people, usually less, yet I’ve had 2 NI investigations, 2 VAT investigations and 3 tax investigations! Because Thomson Cooper have always been my accountants, every time I’ve had a clean bill of health but, without the insurance, it would have cost a lot in fees.  The last one took a year and would have cost over £6,000. My advice – the cover is worth it! And Thomson Cooper were so very supportive! "

Frances Nolan, Drumbeat - Fee Protection

"  An impressive, professional briefing. In the timescale available to put together the documentation and presentation - it amazes me. Always enjoy Thomson Cooper's seminars - others could learn a lot from them.   "

Lorraine Laird, Redmayne-Bentley - Budget Briefing

"  The one briefing I always attend.   "

John Ross, Ogilvie Ross - Budget Briefing

"Fantastic, detailed presentation. "

Keir Bradie, Anglo Scottish Asset Finance - Budget Briefing

"Appreciate proactive lead taken by TC on accountancy issues which affect my business. "

Kathy Bradshaw, Ichthus Environmental Consulting Ltd - Budget Briefing

"Very informative and delivered by excellent speakers. "

Chris Lindley, Thorntons Law LLP - Budget Briefing

"Great event, good content and confident presenters. "

Graham Tod, Royal Bank of Scotland - Budget Briefing

"No one else can make a dry subject interesting and humorous! "

Alasdair Seaton, DM Hall - Budget Briefing

"Thanks for your support and patience over the last couple of years. "

Personal Debt Client

"It has been reassuring working with you over the past months and I really appreciate the support and efficient professional service we have received.  "

Marian MacDonald, CEO, Garvald Community Enterprises Limited

"Thank you for your help, support and cooperation during this difficult period, I'm looking forward to a bright future! "

Personal Debt Solutions Client

"Logical structure - took you through the process in easy to understand steps. "

Jill Roulston, Family & Community Development West Lothian - Auto-enrolment event

"To assimilate so much information and communicate so quickly and so effectively is a very impressive achievement. Congratulations. "

Tom Johnston, Ormidale Licensing Services - Budget Briefing

"Everything was explained and interpreted in a useful and understandable way. "

Ian Thomson, IT Turning Point - Budget Briefing

"Thank you for providing this opportunity to learn more, understand changes better and for the chance to network in a nice venue. "

Guest - Budget Briefing

"Who would have thought a presentation on the Budget could be so informative and fun at the same time. "

Colin Brown, McClure Naismith LLP - Budget Briefing

"Thomson Cooper have been Care and Repair Edinburgh’s auditors for eight years. They have, in that time, proved themselves to be well organised and have provided an excellent level of customer service. Deadlines are met and their advice is sound. They are particularly good at explaining the audit to our non-executive board members none of whom have a financial background. I am happy to recommend Thomson Cooper. "

Graham Harper, Chief Executive, Care and Repair Edinburgh

"Because the staff are friendly, helpful and efficient. "

Client Survey Participant

"Like my own Company, Thomson Cooper has a fundamental belief in providing excellent customer care. This gives me confidence to use them for all our accounting needs. "

Client Survey Participant

"Helpful caring professional organisation with the clients’ best interest at heart "

Client Survey Participant

"To date staff have been helpful and competent and communications have been clear and precise "

Client Survey Participant

"Always had good advice and timely responses to my needs "

Client Survey Participant

"Because TC can be trusted and will listen to you, and they have always helped us "

Client Survey Participant

"Excellent no nonsense service I can rely on. "

Client Survey Participant

"Provides a good service at a fair price. "

Client Survey Participant

"Was expecting a lot of disruption changing auditors but the process was smooth and staff helpful. "

Client Survey Participant

"Professional service, no worries, red tape taken care of. "

Client Survey Participant

"All the staff I've met and worked with are always polite, very helpful, always ready to give advice when needed and so professional in their approach. I would recommend this company to others (I have done already!) "

Client Survey Participant

"Thomson Cooper are undoubtedly the best accountants I have used in my business career.  I would recommend them as they were recommended to me. "

Client Survey Participant

"Thomson Cooper provide a professional service which is reliable and efficient "

Client Survey Participant

"I have always been impressed with the efficiency and integrity of TC "

Client Survey Participant

"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you have done on my behalf so far.I’ve never felt like you’ve judged me or looked down on me which was my big worry in going to anyone about my debt.I feel like I can finally get on in life so thank you. "

Personal Debt Client

"Shortly before our staging date and due to circumstances out with our control, we had to bring our payroll back in house. With less than 3 weeks notice, Elaine got us up and running with Sage Payroll which allowed us to transition away from our outsourced provider without any disruption being visible to the wider business. Having got ourselves reacquainted with the Sage payroll product we then had to decide how we were going to handle Auto Enrolment calculations for c. 700 staff. Elaine provided a comprehensive demonstration of how Sage could do this for us and quickly got the team comfortable that this would not be an onerous task on an ongoing basis. Having purchased the software from Sage for us (at a discount!) Elaine then came on site to support the team through the first month of using the Sage AE module and helped guide us through the initial setup. Without Elaine’s support and knowledge, I know that we would not have got the best out of what the software has to offer. As a growing business, it was important that we built a solid payroll process to cope with increased headcount and Elaine’s help with this has been invaluable "

Liam Bain, Financial Controller

"I used to go on a forum for people in a similar position to myself. I found it quite therapeutic to see people with similar problems being given advice by the financial consultants on there, and now and again I would put my tuppence worth in as well. There were some real horror stories on there and my heart would go out to the people concerned. They weren't just about their own financial situation, many were complaints about the practitioner working on their behalf, and on reading them I used to be so grateful that was never me ! Right from day one, three long years ago, you have kept me informed with everything and any question I had, of which they were many (!) was answered promptly with the indication that it was no trouble at all to provide an answer. Then of course there was the discharge which seemed to be text book, and going back to the forum with stories of people waiting months and even years for theirs, to have it done and dusted within a week of my final payment was just brilliant ! So thanks everybody at Thomson Cooper who had an input in my case, it was very much appreciated. "

Personal Debt Solutions Client

"Thank you very much for all your help. Was very much appreciated. "

Personal Debt Solutions Client

"Thanks so much for your assistance during the past few months. Rachel has been great and we have really appreciated all of the support we’ve received from Thomson Cooper. "

Ruth Thomson, General Manager, Fife Women's Aid

"...unfailingly helpful and displayed great kindness and sensitivity in helping my son. "

Family member of personal debt client

"Thanks to Grace for her work during the last year. The service provided has always been extremely quick and efficient. "

Charlie Fleming, Charlie Fleming Associates

"Congratulations to Elaine on winning Training Manager of the Year - the award went to the best person. Her enthusiasm leaps out at you every time you see her and nothing was too much trouble when she helped me through the RTI minefield. Well done Elaine. What a great asset to Thomson Cooper. "

Geoff Daw, Dunfermline Craft Centre & Sewing Machines

"I am delighted to have Thomson Cooper looking after my pension plans and investments and look forward to my future retirement with a much improved sense of optimism. "

Mr Walsh

"Thanks to your staff for the excellent customer service given to us. They are always very supportive and helpful. "

Royal Caledonian, Curling Club

"CUKT commissioned Thomson Cooper to provide consultancy on the introduction of new accounting software including supply, installation and support. The advice given was first class and the follow up services were highly satisfactory. I would have no hesitation in recommending Thomson Cooper to any organisation. "

Angus Hogg, Chair of Carnegie UK Trust

"Thomson Cooper provide the personal touch, they always treat you as an individual and you know you'll always get an answer. "

Colin Gordon, Finance Director, NFU Scotland

"Thomson Cooper provide a friendly, professional service. "

Marjorie Scott, Director, Campion Homes

If you would like to come along for a free initial consultation, call Mark Mitchell on 01383 628800 or email mmitchell@thomsoncooper.com