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R & D Tax Credits Scotland

R & D Tax Relief

Tax and Innovation – turning your bright sparks into serious tax relief!

Can your company reduce its tax rate to 10%?

Can it claim a deduction of up to 225% on its expenditure?

The new Patent Box Tax regime commenced in April 2013 and allows companies who own or licence registered Patents the opportunity to reduce the Corporate Tax rate on some of their profits to 10%.  Many such companies are also involved in R&D and can claim up to 225% of R&D expenditure as a tax deduction or credit.  This all means that companies carrying out R&D and who are involved in Patents can reduce their tax liabilities significantly.

If you would like to know more about R&D and Patent Box and whether your company can benefit please click below to download our factsheets:

R&D Factsheet
Patent Box Factsheet

At Thomson Cooper we have a specialist team who can assess if your company would be eligible to claim under these regimes, and help with your claims for the R&D enhanced relief and the 10% rate of tax.  To arrange a free consultation to discuss your company’s potential to benefit from these two initiatives contact Alan Mitchell on 01383 628800 or email on amitchell@thomsoncooper.com

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