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Charities operate within a complex legal framework and are being regulated for the first time this year by The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) who is the independent registrar and regulator. The have created a Scottish Charity Register and have the power of enquiry and intervention, amongst other controls. Our staff know what their expectations are and will help you to meet their criteria.

We can also help you apply for grants and other funding. NEW: SCIO - A new legal form for registered Scottish Charities. Click here for more information.

We act for a diverse cross-section of charity and third sector organsations including -

  • Charitable trusts
  • Churches
  • Clubs and associations
  • Schools
  • Voluntary organisations

Such is our commitment to the sector, we have developed the Charity Advice Network (CAN), in association with a local firm of solicitors and industry-related experts. This organisation supports charities by providing financial, legal, operational and management advice via e-newsletters and events. To join our mailing list for CAN related information email Carol on chumphries@thomsoncooper.com

Click here to meet our Third Sector Team.

Contact Fiona Haro on 01383 628800 or email fharo@thomsoncooper.com to arrange a free initial consultation.

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