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Tax Investigation Fee Protection Insurance


Peace of mind 

If you look at Tax Investigation Protection and say ‘it can’t happen to me’, have a rethink!  I set up my business in 1985, never employed more than 5 people, usually less, yet I’ve had 2 NI investigations, 2 VAT investigations and 3 tax investigations! Because Thomson Cooper have always been my accountants, every time I’ve had a clean bill of health but, without the insurance, it would have cost a lot in fees.  The last one took a year and would have cost over £6,000. My advice – the cover is worth it! And Thomson Cooper were so very supportive!


Frances Nolan - Drumbeat

With a multi billion pound budget for catching tax evaders and an increase in HMRC investigative powers where officers can make unannounced inspections and demand records without issuing a formal notice, you should consider Fee Protection for your business if you aren't already covered. Anyone who has undergone an HMRC investigation will testify to the benefits of inexpensive tax investigation insurance cover.

Tax investigations of one sort or another are on the increase, whether these investigations relate to Income Tax, Corporation Tax, P.A.Y.E., National Insurance or V.A.T. Revenue and Customs are diverting time and resources to investigations and the additional tax generated from these is significant, with the professional costs of defense rising. Our reputation with the Revenue is very good and in the past we have only had to deal with a handful of investigation cases per annum. However, with the start of self-assessment (and now company self-assessment), we are entering a new era with -

  • random investigations
  • a policy of starting investigations without having to give any reason for the selection
  • an increase in the number of "investigation trained" Revenue/Customs staff

We believe it is to your advantage to take out tax investigation fee protection insurance to cover our professional fees which could result from an investigation, which lasts between nine and twelve months on average. In addition, our service provides access to a telephone helpline where experienced consultants will answer your queries on employment and personnel matters; health and safety queries and general commercial legal advice. Contact Mark Mitchell on 01383 628800 or email mmitchell@thomsoncooper.com to arrange a free initial consultation.