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Personal debt solutions - protected trust deeds

Out of your depth with debt problems? If you are in full time employment, we can help.

Are you worried about meeting your monthly financial obligations following a change in circumstances? 

Facing earnings arrestment or Inhibition?

In negative equity or worried about losing your home?

Having financial difficulties and no obvious way of dealing with them can be very stressful. Have you reached the stage where you receive threatening letters and phone calls from your creditors? It is important that you get professional advice so you know all your options before you decide how to go forward.

Frequently, people try to borrow their way out of debt by consolidating debts which can take years to resolve and relies on creditors not pursuing the debt during this time. If you are working full time with a degree of disposable income, our team of Insolvency experts can help you through the process of formally clearing your debts by using one of two methods, a Protected Trust Deed or Sequestration.

  • Protected Trust Deed - this formal, legally binding agreement exists between an individual who is unable to pay his/her creditors and a licensed Insolvency Practitioner (the Trustee). The Trustee will put together a form of proposals to the Creditors for approval and administer the Trust Deed. Provided certain conditions are met, the Trust Deed may be registered as 'protected', this prevents creditors from taking further steps e.g. sequestration (bankruptcy) to recover debts due to them.

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