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DAS - Debt Arrangement Scheme

The Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) was set up by the Scottish Government  with the aim of offering a safe solution to clearing your unsecured debts without the threat of spiraling interest and fees, or worse, court action. As DAS Approved Money Advisers we can evaluate your finances and give you honest, unbiased advice based on your own unique set of circumstances.

Under DAS you can apply for a Debt Payment Programme (DPP) that will take into account what you can reasonably pay back at regular intervals based on your disposable income. A programme can last for any reasonable length of time and once approved all charges relating to your debts are frozen then waived on completion of the DPP as long as all of the agreed payments have been met.

The benefits of DAS

We will try and create a proposal on your behalf that you can afford and that will be accepted by your creditors collectively. There are 5 parties involved in a DAS  -

  1. the debtor: someone who has personal debts and has agreed to a DPP with a DAS approved money adviser
  2. DAS approved money adviser: who will provide debt management advice to the debtor and apply for a DPP on behalf of a debtor (e.g.Thomson Cooper)
  3. creditor: someone who is owed money and has agreed or is obliged to accept payments under a DPP
  4. DAS administrator: who is responsible for the approval of a DPP, the approval of money advisers and payments distributors and maintaining the DAS register which contains details of DPPs
  5. payments distributor: who distribute the money gathered to creditors in line with the DPP 
  • Once your proposal has been agreed and an application submitted, you will make regular payments which are facilitated through an appointed Payment Distributor and they pay your creditors directly. You don’t have to deal with your creditors individually.
  • ALL charges relating to the debt are frozen from the date your DAS Debt Payment Programme is approved so you know the amount you owe won’t increase and with each payment your debt is reducing. These fees are then waived upon completion of your DPP.
  • Protects you against creditors who may try and take enforcement action to recover the money you owe to them.

You could be eligible to qualify for DAS if you have one or more debts (there is no lower limit) and meet the following criteria:

      • You live in Scotland.
      • You have sought the advice and assistance of a DAS Approved Money Adviser.
      • You want to repay your debts without the threat of your creditors taking legal action against you.
      • You have a reasonable level of disposable income after paying for your living costs. These include rent or mortgage, food, council tax, etc.

FREEPHONE 0800 046 3328, email debtadvice@thomsoncooper.com or click here to visit www.dasapprovedadviser.co.uk for more information.

Dealing with your concerns

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