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Corporate Recovery

Business struggling? 

Facing up to the fact that your business is in serious financial peril is one of the most harrowing admissions that any business person can make. However, speed is crucial to the process of trying to salvage your company. The faster you seek professional help, the better your chances are of us working with you to consider the options available and prioritizing a rescue plan.

At Thomson Cooper, our Corporate Recovery team has extensive experience in this highly specialised area. Our existing network of contacts with finance providers and other professionals creates a platform to increase the opportunities available to you. We will endeavour to develop the most viable solutions to save your business either in its entirety or its profitable activities.

In the event that recovery in full or in part is not possible, it is important that the correct method of winding down is utilised with a view to maximising the return to creditors and in some cases the members.

The formal methods include -

  • Administration
  • Receivership
  • Liquidation

Richard Gardiner, Partner, is authorised by the relevant regulatory bodies and you can have confidence that our judgement is based on experience gained over years of challenging turnaround and crisis management situations.

Contact Richard Gardiner on 01383 628800 or email rgardiner@thomsoncooper.com.com to arrange a free initial consultation.

Richard Gardiner

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