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A flexible payroll solution

Administering your payroll can be time consuming and burdensome, diverting energy and resources from core activities. The task is made all the more difficult by the growing complexity of taxation and employment legislation, and the accompanying regime of penalties for non-compliance.

Our professional payroll bureau service will process your payroll, maintain your employee records and prepare your weekly or monthly returns. You provide details on a weekly or monthly basis and the payroll is processed and sent back to you with pay slips and calculations, including net pay, PAYE, and National Insurance. We also provide completed P60s. We take time to understand the client's needs, tailoring a package that provides peace of mind beyond price per payslip.

Experience counts

Our partners are supported by a dedicated team of professional staff. We are well resourced, have ample capacity all year round and benefit from robust internal IT support. We are able to adapt quickly to changes in rules and regulations. Our clients can depend upon this network of expertise to deliver an accurate, compliant, reliable and responsive service.

The payroll department has experience in dealing with all sectors of the business community including leisure and construction. They are accustomed to handling casual and part-time employees, as well as sickness, maternity and paternity leave issues.

How you can benefit

A growing number of our clients are taking advantage of this service because it simply isn't cost effective for them to undertake it themselves. The benefits on offer include the following:

  • No need to worry about holiday / sickness cover for payroll
  • Reduces the need to invest in payroll-related software or technology upgrades
  • Data is securely backed up on our servers

Free initial consultation

If you would like to speak to us and find out how we can help you, please contact Elaine Cromwell at ecromwell@thomsoncooper.com or call 01383 628800. Our initial discussions with you are free.

Elaine Cromwell

Your Expert