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Moving Forward - Support To Boost Your Business 

At the beginning of lockdown we created a Covid-19 Support Hub to provide relevant information to the business community in what was a fast-paced, challenging environment.  The feedback from this was very encouraging, with many clients commenting on how useful it was.

Now we are at a different stage in the pandemic, and with the furlough scheme ending in October 2020, we have created this new space to host the latest business related news, expert advice and industry insight to help businesses rebuild.  We hope the information is of benefit to you, your finances and your business. Please get in touch if you require further information on any of the areas we cover at info@thomsoncooper.com or call 01383 628800 and speak to our friendly reception team. 

Monday 14th September 2020

Let's talk about Inheritance Tax - Part 2 

Monday 31st August 2020

Let's talk about Inheritance Tax