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Training feedback

Xero User Group November 2017

"Very useful and kept me engaged"

Sage User Group October 2017

"Very informative"

"Would like to come to the next one"

"Presentation helped give me better insight into Sage"

Sage User Group 

"Two hours well spent"

"Learned a lot"

"Always come away with some newly gained knowledge"

 Auto-enrolment Seminar 

 "Thank you – it was one the best accountancy events that I’ve ever attended - & I’ve attended literally hundreds during my career!" Mandy Watt, Zero Tolerance

 Sage User Group 

"The whole presentation was very informative and useful." Fife Chamber of Commerce

 Auto-enrolment Seminar 

"Logical structure - took you through the process in easy to understand steps."

"Insight into real-life examples."

"The presentation highlighted a number of issues to be faced and produced questions I need to address."

 Budget Briefing 

"Who would have thought a presentation on the Budget could be so informative and fun at the same time." McLure Naismith LLP

"Thank you for providing this opportunity to learn more, understand changes better and for the chance to network in a nice venue." H Gilmour

 RTI Webinar 

"A very good presentation in a straight forward and understandable way, thanks Elaine." K Dominy 

 Sage User Group 

" Thanks for sharing knowledge and skills that can make my job easier." Textile Care Services

 Budget Briefing

"...entertaining as well as informative."

" The content was very well presented in an easy to follow manner. All presenters were excellent, enthusiastic and clearly very knowledgeable. An event well worth attending and would like to come along next year!"

"Very informative in breaking down the jargon and putting themes into a language you can understand."

 Sage User Group 

"There is always something relevant"

"Demo of Sage on iphone - very cool!"

"...extremely helpful to me"

 If you would like to know more about future training opportunities,  call Elaine Cromwell on 01383 628 800 or email ecromwell@thomsoncooper.com.