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2021 World Book Day - Browsing The TC Book Shelves


This year we are looking at the Partners for inspiring reading suggestions. Here are some options related to their areas of expertise and their personal interests and hobbies.

David Walker - The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie and the Gospel of Wealth by Andrew Carnegie

As a long-standing Trustee of Carnegie Trust, this has helped David in his role.


Andrew Croxford - TED Talks: The official TED guide to public speaking: Tips and tricks for giving unforgettable speeches and presentations by Chris Anderson

A useful read for someone who has been known to do a bit of public speaking! 


Alan Mitchell - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

A must read for a new managing partner.


Mark Mitchell - Munro Bagging Logbook & Journal - 282 Of the Scottish Highland Munros: Hiking Scotland’s Highest Peaks, Pocket Size Record Book With all 282 Mountains over 3000ft by Herbert Publishing

Mark loves bagging a Munro and is often found at the top of one at a weekend.


Fiona Haro - Where Memories Go: Why dementia changes everything by Sally Magnusson 

As Trustee of the Charity set up by Sally Magnusson while she was writing this book, this was a must read. 


Richard Gardiner - Boom and Bust by William Quinn 

Any insolvency partner would be lost without it.


Carrie Campbell - Cold Case by Quintin Jardine 

Carrie's love of local crime novels follows through into her investigating businesses and finding solutions to problems.


Elaine Cromwell - DOG Colouring Book 

As a reprieve from running a busy payroll and outsourcing department, Elaine loves walking her dog and is particularly crafty - an ideal book choice!